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Perfect Boiling Water for the Best Coffee Taste

Brewed coffee (kopi tubruk) is a beverage types that exist in Indonesia, especially Java island. The people use to make brewed coffee (kopi tubruk) each year, for the harvest event, with recipes handed down their ancestors.

Perfect boiling water for the best coffee taste

Biled with boiling water through traditional stoves that use firewood, making the aroma of the coffee tasted so good and spread to the air.

Boiling water is very important component to make a good coffee, because if the water is not boiling, coffee grounds so not mature and able to rise to the surface and make a cup of coffee tasted weird.

How to ensure a perfect boiling water? Here some tips. 

Boiled water for about 15 or 20 minutes and sign is very hot if you picked it up, that is the hallmark of boiling water is perfect. 

Then, pour hot water into coffee powder in a cup and pull up the teacup. Let stand for a minute and black coffe ready to serve.

When a boil water touch the coffee powder in a cup, the coffee aroma smell so good and very relaxing. 

Please try it at home and feel the difference perfect coffee with boiling water.
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