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The Most Expensive Coffee (civet coffee)

All coffee lovers know that one of the most expensive coffee is civet coffee. Not only the price is expensive, civet coffee is also famous for its delicious taste and good smell.

Chivet coffee

Originally made in Indonesia, civet coffee was first discovered in java island since dutch colonial era by a group of plantation workers. Sold at $100/450 gram, makes civet coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world until now.

The legend of civet coffee begins when a colonial prohibits coffee for a plantations workers, and the workers found that a civet who always eat coffee fruits produced a coffee bean from civet poop. 

Workers start to collect that coffee bean, wash it, dry it, grind it, stew it and make a traditional civet coffee for a first time.

Indonesian civet coffee is famous among coffee lovers, and the modern coffee shops start to serve civet coffee and get success like the coffee its self.

Why I have to drink civet coffee? A question came from coffee lovers.

The answer is simple, its good and taste very good after you drink it.
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