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Water is Balancing to Coffee Addicted, Mith or Fact

Addiction to coffee is not a problem if you can arrange it. Many people think coffee addiction is a serious thing, but according to research, coffee can not make people addicted, just need to balance it with drink white water.

Coffee addict

I once knew someone who was so fond of coffee and had suffered heart disease, he stopped drinking coffee for 1 year, but when visiting relatives he drink coffee. What happened, he was immediately taken to hospital and underwent treatment.

When his personal doctor came, he immediately advised that he does not have to stop drinking coffee, he should drink coffee as long as the total of one cup a day.

This proves that coffee are still needed for stamina when consumed in appropriate doses. This advice for someone who is 60 years old and still drinking coffee.

Water is natural thing that body need, with drink white water regularly, your body will trow the toxic away by urine or sweat.

A coffeeholic, need water to balancing body fluids. Because side effect to someone who always drink coffee is diuretic. So balance your body with water, can be a good way to make your body not dehidration.
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